City by Subway intends to create a editorial quality context composed by relevant contents and able to enhance and promote the cultural heritage linked to the cities. From this point of view the portal is an aggregator of contents organized into publishing projects linked to each "line".

To obtain contents, it is intended to operate in two ways:
1) Content creation - create contents  through the publisher's network and with the co-production of Brand, Institutions or media partners
2) Content curation - select quality content made by authors, photographers, filmmakers or media partners.

Who will contribute to the growth of the editorial context of the platform with quality content, can be part of the creators’s team.

City by Subway, with the support of the publisher’s network, will coordinate creators and publishing projects, offering visibility and other forms of return.

Content and “Creators" selection will be made based on the quality of their work and not the number of their followers.
The selection of any "influencer", based on the amount of followers, is part of a “media” strategy in order to promote the portal and places.

Part of the selected content will be shared on the portal by the City by Subway's network including info about authors. Authors that doesn’t want to be included in the portal can send an e-mail and the content will be removed. Quality content shared directly by authors (registered users) in the station stories area, will be selected by City by Subway’s network through a “like" or a “comment" to the post